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10 Ways to Simplify Your Life to Save Money and Time

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Last week Mark and Lauren from the Simpler Happier Podcast shared how they were about to cut back on their previous lifestyle, become debt free, and have a stronger marriage.

Today we’re looking at how you can get started with simplifying your life so you’re have more time and money for what really matters to both of you.

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Looking for Meaningful Wins

As you’ve heard on the podcast all this month – changing habits and developing a new system of doing things takes more than just willpower.

Having a reward or win can be a powerful motivator.
How many times have you’ve been frustrated by making a huge change and saving only chump change.

Don’t worry about the latte factor, instead go for big wins that matter to you.

What constitutes a big win is personal, but for myself it’s either:

  • an easy change, where I can save a few hundred each year
  • trimming a monthly expense by 20% or more

It’s not a hard and fast rule, but those wins tend to fuel me to continue cutting back on expenses.

10 Ways you Can Simplify Your Finances

Give your budget a boost this week by doing a test run and simplifying.To jump-start you two, here are 10 ways:

  1. Switch to a 50/30/20 Budget
  2. Automate Savings at the Beginning of the Month
  3. Focus on One of Your 3 Biggest Expenses and Slash It by 20%
  4. Only Use Cash When Eating Out
  5. Skip Out on Credit Cards
  6. Schedule Your Bills to Be Out within 48 hours of Your Paycheck Coming In
  7. Track Your Spending with a Small Notebook
  8. Don’t Buy Any New Stuff
  9. Shop Around with Your Car Insurance
  10. Call and Cancel Your Cable

Pick one or two and try it out for one month. Sometimes with a shorter commitment, you’re more likely to keep a new habit or system.

This isn’t wasn’t about forcing or making you feel guilty enough to change, it’s about giving you two ideas so you can find what works best.

If you want to bump up your chances of keeping the changes, share it with me. Leave a comment on site, tweet me, or chat on Facebook.

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