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Anniversary Break and Giving More

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I wanted to let you know that there will be no new episodes this week on the podcast. Instead I will be taking some time off to relax with my family for our anniversary .

I had intended on getting out an episode, but to be honest, I’ve been exhausted with work and getting things done around the house. I love doing this podcast so rather than rush out an episode, I’ll take some extra time to polish and prepare the last two shows for the year (which I’ve very excited about!).

As you may have heard on the show, we’re expecting our next baby girl soon and I think my body and baby is telling me I need to get some rest.

Coming Back Big with Giving

I’ll be back next week as we finish up the year with two big topics near and dear to many couples – helping out family (without enabling) and how to give more in 2015 and beyond.

For the family and money episode, we’ll be having Dorethia Connor-Kelly from The Money Chat to share her thoughts, tips, and stories on where to draw the line with giving your loved ones help and keeping your marriage strong.

And the special guest for the giving more episode?  That’ll be you!

Be on the Couple Money Podcast

I’ll have my usual segments on how you can find a system to give back to the causes that matter most to you, but I’m also highlighting YOUR stories and how giving has made a difference in your lives. If you want to join in on the fun (and I hope you do), I have several ways you can reach me:

  • Give me a call on the podcast line  (919)521-8770 and leave your story
  • Share your story in the comments below
  • Email me at elle AT couplemoneypodcast DOT com

I think it’s a beautiful way to wrap up the year and get ready for 2015. I hope to hear from you.

Take care and have a wonderful day with your family!

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