How to Budget Together with The Budget Mama

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Budgeting together isn’t always easy. Jessi Fearon, author and creator of The Budget Mama, shares her story and tips for how to successfully budget as a couple! 

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Budgets and Couples


Budgets, spending plans…whatever you call them, people don’t seem to like or use them. A recent survey conducted by Experian found that nearly half – 42% to be exact – don’t use one. The two two reasons given?
Respondents said they were ineffective and unnecessary. Considering that in the same survey 46% admitted that they were not savings as much as they hoped and almost three-quarters of respondents say they are behind in their retirement, I think not having a budget is detrimental to your marriage and money.
Jessi Fearon, personal finance author and creator of The Budget Mama, is helping me out today.
In this episode we get into:
  • why and how Jessi and her husband Pat had a $500 wedding
  • the changes she and Pat paid off over $55,000 of debt in 17 months
  • why you shouldn’t obsess on finding the best budget and instead how to create a budget that you can stick with

Hope you enjoy!

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Resources to Budget TogetherBudgeting together isn't always easy. Jessi Fearon, author and creator of The Budget Mama, shares her story and tips for how to successfully budget as a couple!

Do you two want to get on the same page with budgets? Here are some helpful resources mentioned in the episode and more.

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