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How We Bought the Right House for Us

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Looking to get closer to early retirement? Learn how you can save big before you buy your next house. Make sure it’s the right house for you! 

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Finding the Right House House

buy the right house for you couple money podcast

We’re doing the ten days to financial independence and something that has been repeated to me from those who have retired early is the importance of being savvy about three major expenses: housing, transportation, and food.

We’ll go over the last two later this week, but today I want to go over housing, specifically how and why we bought our current house.

Even though I thought we did pretty well with buying our first place, we’ve learned quite a bit in the time since.

Buying a House Show NotesLooking to get closer to early retirement? Learn how you can save big before you buy your next house. Make sure it's the right house for you!

  • How carefully we choose location
  • Creating a house budget
  • Narrowing down contenders based on size and layout

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