Cable TV Alternatives: The Tech & Apps to Watch Your Favorite Shows

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Find how you can cut the cord and set-up your tech so you can legally watch TV and movies without paying a ton of money. Brad from Internet TV Boxes guides us through streaming media players. 

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Cutting the Cord Using Streaming Media PlayersFind how you can cut the cord and set-up your tech so you can legally watch TV and movies without paying a ton of money.

While no one wants to pay a ton of money each month, I’d say there are plenty of people, ourselves included, who enjoy watching a little TV or having a movie night at the house.

Today’s guest, Brad from Internet TV Boxes, is going to help us find an affordable solution.


What appealed to us about Roku is that there is no monthly fee for the basic service. You buy a unit and out of the box your Roku comes with a lot of free channels and content.

Hulu Plus

If you want to catch current shows, Hulu Plus can be a cheap option.Plus members can access their content on their electronics such as computers, iPod Touch, Roku,  and TV. Hulu offers less ads for their shows, but they are still included with a paid subscription.

Sling TV

Sling works by streaming your favorite television shows through the internet. They have packages with channels such as ESPN, HGTV, and Disney. You can grab them starting at $20/month and there is no contract.

Try Sling TV free for 7 days to see if it’s the right pick for you.

Cable Alternative Resources

If you want to cut the cord, here are some resources mentioned on the show you can try out.

You can also reach out to Brad on Twitter and Facebook.

Live TV. $20 a month. No Cable Company. Sling TV.

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I love helping people easily save money by changing their at home entertainment. In the Comments below tell me what shows or events your family must watch and I can help you decide if cutting the cord is right for your family.


We cut out cable and it has been a huge money saver! I had no idea how much I can fill in with Hulu and other services. Also started realizing all my ‘shows’ are not as important as I thought! I don’t miss cable and I love keeping my money!!!

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