Special Episodes

Marriage and Money: Financial Therapy

With money fights being the main cause of divorce, many couples could use some financial therapy. Learn habits and techniques you can use to make money talks less stressful and more productive! Is Financial Therapy Right for You? Money problems are usually symptoms of a much deeper issue. It can be within our relationship – […]

Money for Meaning: Being Debt Free and Happy

How would your life change if you were debt free? No credit cards, car or student loan to worry about. Not even a mortgage. Today one couple shares their journey and advice to a happy and debt free life! Living Debt Free Living debt free can seem like an impossible dream depending on where you’re […]

How to Find The Best Financial Advisor for You

Do you feel like you guys are kind of stuck with your finances? Have you hit a wall and don’t know the next move? Today I’ll share how you can find the best financial advisor for you!  Finding the Right Financial Advisor What do you think about when you hear financial advisor? You may have been to one […]

How to Financially Take Care of Your Child with Special Needs

Are you a parent of a child with special needs? We share some of the essential conversations and resources that help you cope and succeed!  Taking Financial Care of Your Child with Special Needs Being a parent is an incredible gift and responsibility. Even though the most important things in life are free, I think we […]

Tips for How to Save on Health Insurance

Do you feel like your health care costs have exploded? Get the tips you need and learn how you can save money on your health insurance! Working to Lower Healthcare Costs I remember not too long ago, it used to be that the three biggest expenses we had were rent, food, and the car. We […]