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Common Gardening Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

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With this week’s theme is starting a food garden, I thought I’d lend a hand to those having trouble getting their patch of land growing.

Here are four common gardening problems and how you can fix them easily and naturally from Real Simple.

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Not Preparing Your Garden’s Soil

Ideally you’d prepare your soil before planting, but if you notice your vegetables and fruits not growing as well as you hope for – grab a soil testing kit from your local garden or hardware store and use it.

Kits are inexpensive and they usually have suggested remedies for the most common problems.

Overwatering Your PlantsNew to gardening? Learn how to easily fix the biggest mistakes

I have been guilty of this when I first started. I had a hard time gauging how much was enough. Overwatering can rot the roots and ruin your harvest.

One route you can take is using a plant like lettuce to be your guide for when it’s time to water. If you’re up for some messy fun, you can check the soil itself. if it is hard and very compact, then it’s time to water.

Protecting Your Food from Pests

I discovered the hard way that squirrels, rabbits, and deers love to nibble on your plants.I actually had some watermelons that I was looking forward to enjoying and when I went to pick, I noticed the back half had been chewed on.

So what do you do? You can  protect your plants by making your own pest deterrent with homemade hot pepper sprays.

Weeds Taking Over

Nobody wants to see weeds in their garden. You also probably don’t want to spray a ton of chemicals.

You can go low tech and easy by mixing 50 and 50 hot water and vinegar.

Spray the weeds for the next few days. The vinegar will help you be able to pull it up by the roots.


Thoughts on Getting the Most Out of Your Garden

Hopefully these tips will help your garden be the beautiful and productive patch of land you want it to be. Check out Real Simple for even more tips and tricks.

2 replies on “Common Gardening Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)”

I tried to join a community garden a few years ago. Didn’t last long. I think I produced 2 and half strawberries before something got a hold to them. LOL. It could have been the distance. But this makes me want to try again. I don’t have a green thumb, but I like the idea of growing my own veggies.

Peppers and herbs are your best buddies with gardens, lol!
Seriously, I completely neglected my plants and they still grew. Squash and zucchini are pretty easy too.

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