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How to Create Strong Passwords

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Last week the topic was about getting the best deals while shopping online. While it can a wonderful way to easily compare prices, in rare cases it can also be an opportunity for hack to snatch your personal information.

One of best ways you can protect yourself is by making sure your passwords are stronger. Today’s show has some tricks and options you can use to create stronger passwords.

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Creating Strong Passwords and Paraphrases

The first big rule you should be aware of is ->

Use a unique password for each of your important accounts like your checking and credit cards.

Yes, it means you have a lot more to memorize, but it’ll protect your finances.

Mix Up Your Passwords

Try to get your password to be a series of uppercase and lower letters, numbers, and symbols that can’t be found in a dictionary or figured out by hacker who has just a scrap of your personal information.

That means your password should not be something common like a birthday, anniversary date, or your child’s name.

In fac,t if you want a list of passwords to avoid, here are the most common passwords used.

Memorizing a cryptic string of letters isn’t your strength? Consumer Reports and Microsoft have a few ideas to help you.

  • Use a sentence.
  • Use a passphrase. They are usually longer than a password and include several words.

Here’s an example to give you an idea:

Say you enjoy racquetball. You can create password racquetball fanatic and replace letters with numbers and symbols so it becomes racqu3+Ba11Fana+1c

LassPass and Password Managers

If this sounds too complicated and you just want a 123 solution, you might into a password management system.

I use Lastpass to help me access access my work accounts on different sites. It’s installed as a browser add-on and can generate strong passwords for me.

Now every site has a unique password and I don’t have to keep track of every single one.  I can access the password vault by logging in at the website with my master password.

Hope that helps you. If you have any ideas or suggestions on making your online shopping experience safer, please send them in.

Join me next episode catch my interview with Mike Piper from Oblivious Investor and discuss how you can create an investing strategy that is efficient, effective, and easy to manage!

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