How to Deal with Health and Money Stress as a Couple

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Dealing with a full plate? Teresa shares how she and her husband worked together on paying down their debt while dealing with a health crisis!

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Dealing with Money and Health Stress Together


Life is a mix of the mundane, adventure, and the completely unexpected.

This year alone has been a roller-coaster for us. We’ve had some huge wins with buying our house, something we really planned and worked towards to find.

I also got to dig deeper with podcasting as I attended my first conference, the big one – Podcast Movement in Chicago this summer. So many people and information there, I’m still processing it.

We also had some big bumps. We have several loved ones dealing with health problems, major and/or chronic.

We’d love to think can anticipate or fix anything that comes our way, but that’s not the case. Sometimes we’re hit with big news, the kind you never think of or can prepare for.

And to make things more difficult, it can come up in the middle of another big change.

Teresa Randolph, host of Pop Collectors Podcast, had to deal with this first hand. Today she shares how she and her husban worked together through a health crisis and how they dug out of debt.

Hope you enjoy!

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Resources on Dealing with Stress as a Couple

If you’re looking for more ways to work together through tough times, here are some resources: 

If you want to chat with Teresa, check her out on Instagram!

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2 replies on “How to Deal with Health and Money Stress as a Couple”

Thank you Teresa and Elle for sharing. I commend your optimistic attitude and drive to never give up no matter what life throws at us. Health is an unpredictable thing and it is nice to know that we can get through it. I have learned that through pain and challenges this life throws at us comes a reward of growth. It is not handed to us but rather we are to seize it. That is the most important part. Teresa didn’t see this challenge as a reason to give up, but instead used this challenge to make a better life for herself. Thank you so much for sharing. Loved the quality of the podcast.

Appreciate the support Amanda! I do believe that how you approach things can have a big impact on the outcome. Teresa’s story touched my heart and I’m so glad to have met her.

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