How Many Kids Should We Have?

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Becoming parents has been the greatest joy and challenge in our lives. How do we know if we should have another? J Money from Budgets are Sexy shares the realities and fun of being a father of two! 

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With the upcoming arrival of our second baby, my husband and I have been thinking more and more about how things will be changing with the family dynamics.

Even though we are less stressed about certain things this time around, we still have plenty of questions and concerns about what to expect.

Deciding on Having More Than One Kid


To prepare myself and other couples for this transition, I asked J Money from Budgets are Sexy and Rockstar Finance to be on the show.

In today’s episode I asked J for his take and thoughts on:

  • the differences between getting ready for the first and second child
  • when they decided to have more than one kid
  • how they found the right childcare for their family
  • the financial and parental realities of keeping up with two young ones in the house

Happy to say that he relieved some of my concerns and gave me some ideas on how we can balance work with our soon to be bigger family.

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Fatherhood with J Money Becoming parents has been the greatest joy and challenge in our lives. How do we know if we should have another? J Money from Budgets are Sexy shares the realities and fun of being a father of two!

He’s known by many to be a hustler, working hard to achieve his personal and financial goals. Forbes recently profiled J for having grown his net worth to almost half a million.

During that time, he and his wife also became parents to two beautiful boys. Curious about how manages to keep everyone and thing in place, I spoke with him and he was kind enough to share what we knew.

We covered a lot of things including saving up for a baby, how much kids costs, and finding a daycare for your little ones. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I have.

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Thoughts on Having More Than One Child

As always, please chime in on the site to share your own family’s stories. Having different perspectives can be incredibly helpful.

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