DIY 101: Building Your Own Home Workshop with John Malecki

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Looking to take on some DIY projects around your house? John Malecki, former Pittsburgh Steeler and now custom furniture builder, has tips to help your create a home workshop without breaking your budget. 

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DIY Builder 101

Building Your Own Home Workshop

Being a homeowner can be a pain in the butt when you have to make repairs, but there is a certain amount of fun and freedom you can have with building.

Having a home workshop can allow you turn from mild mannered software developer into a maker.
Or at least that’s the case in our house.

When my husband I are were looking at houses we knew we’d be taking on some projects. Neither one of us had any real experience, but hey they do it on HGTV, so why not?

Happy to report so far we have all our limbs still and are slowly making this house into our home. We’re hoping to take our skills to the next level and start really building.

If you’re in the same boat, I got some good news.

John Malecki, former Pittsburgh Steeler and now custom furniture builder, has tips and stories to help.

In this episode we look at:

  • the benefits of building
  • what tools you need to get your home workshop up
  • resources to help you tackle your build projects

I hope you enjoy!

John Malecki: Custom Furniture Builder

Born and raised in suburban Pittsburgh, John spent the early years of his life chasing athletics. After a 4 year career in the NFL, John turned his focus and work ethic from the field to the workshop.

His goals shifted to building custom furniture for family and friends and acquiring the skills to run a thriving business.

Based out of Homestead, PA an area rich in history. In the town that formerly forged America, and served as the center for steel manufacturing, John and his team use reclaimed industrial design to show their love for sustainable, well made goods that can serve people for generations to come.

The team creates an assortment of products from dining sets to living room tables, custom shelving, beds, and everything in between.

John has some wonderful posts and videos about his projects and advice for those looking to build themselves.

He’s very approachable and generous. You can find him online:

DIY Resources Mentioned on the Show

If you’re ready to get started, but not sure where to get tips, here are some resources mentioned on the show along with some of my own favorites.

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