Dump Debt Faster Through the Power of Community

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Toni Husbands from Debt Free Divas gives your the tips and free tools you can use the power of community to get rid of your debt faster. 

We’ve talked about getting rid of your debt on the podcast, but instead of talking about debt snowballs or avalanches, we’re looking at communities today.

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Building the Community You Need to Become Debt FreeLearn how you can pay off your debt faster by building a community. Toni Husbands from Debt Free Divas gives your the tips and free tools you can use.

Toni Husbands, author of The Great Debt Dump: Running Toward Financial Freedom with the Power of Community, will be sharing her advice on building the support net you need to succeed.

Besides knowing the stats and the studies about getting out of debt with a supportive network, she has the personal experience. If her voice sounds familiar it’s because Toni was on podcast before in episode 6 when she shared her family’s story of dumping six figures of debt.

She’s been busy on Debt Free Divas helping others to better position themselves to build their wealth.

In this episode Toni gets into how tapping into a community can help you pay off debt faster. For those who don’t already have one to support them, she has tips and free tools you can use to get started one.

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode

If you want to learn more about Debt Free Divas or how to build a support network, here are some helpful links to check out.

Don’t forget to chat with Toni on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions.

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