Dumping Debt Fast & Downsizing Into a Tiny Home

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Sick and tired of your debt and want to have more options? Learn how Claudia & Garrett from Two Cup House dumped $200k in two years by simplifying their lives and moving into a tiny house!

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Simplifying Into Tiny Home Living

Claudia was kind enough to come on the podcast to share her stories and tips about dumping the debt and simplifying their lives.

In this episode we talk about:

  • what pushed  Claudia and Garrett to make shrink their living space
  • the real story, struggles, and wins of going tiny with their home
  • how they managed to crush debt and achieve financial freedom

Simplifying Finances and Lives with Two Cup House

Two years ago, Claudia and her husband Garrett made a decision – they were going to get rid of the stuff in their lives so they could travel more. Their dream was to build a tiny home (their two cup house). Things didn’t go exactly as planned, but they’ve had stunning results:

  • got rid of all of their debt – over $200,000
  • unloaded their stuff and downing sized their living space
  • became financially free

They’ve been recording their journey over at Two Cup House. While it’s hard to pick favorites, here are some posts that I think you should check out:

Resources to Simplify Your Lives and Dump Debt Faster

If you two are thinking of simplifying your home, finances, or lives, here are some resources to get started:

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