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Enjoy a Summer of Savings

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How many of you would like to save a grand and have fun this summer?

(I really hope you’re saying yes!)

Starting in June I’m doing a summer of saving challenge. And I’d love for you to join in.

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Summer of Savings and Fun

I’m going to be releasing posts every Monday and Thursday on Couple Money on how to jump-start and build up your savings.

And here on the podcast, I have fantastic interviews from experts on getting the best deals and stories about couples who are working together on improving their finances. Take the Summer of Savings Challenge and sock away $1,000 . Tons of tips on cutting back and earning more.

We’ll cover:

  • Slashing your monthly bills
  • Mastering the art of a fun and frugal date night
  • Earning more money on the side

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My goal for each tip is to help you put aside at least $50.

I also have an unofficial policy to make sure when you do cut back your spending it’s not because you’re depriving yourself (so no PB& J lunches for work).

My hope is that you guys will have a nice sized money stash (27 tips x $50 = $1,350 ) for your family by the end of August.

If you prefer just listening to the podcast, no worries. I’ll be highlight the week’s posts here on the show.

Want an Extra $100?

While I do think that saving is its own reward I think things are fun when you can win something so I’m giving away $100 each month.

Yep $100.

The details will be included with the newsletter.

June’s $20 Date Night Challenge

Believe it or not, I’m starting off the summer of savings with nights out and vacations. Because I don’t think that saving money means having less fun.

All through June I’m going to be showing you how you can enjoy relaxing (or thrilling if that’s your style) debt free vacations and getaways. I’ve been compiling an awesome list of apps, sites, and resources to get the best deals.

If you love discovering and supporting local hot spots, I have some ideas to make your date nights memorable.

So for June, share a picture (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) from your own $20 date night (or girls/guys night out) with #20dollardatenight and tag me.

I’ll confirm you’re a newsletter member and enter you for a chance to win $100!


I hope you enjoy this summer, having fun and saving some serious money.

Enjoy your weekend!

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