Travel Hacks to Save You a Ton of Money

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Going on a trip soon? Learn how you can save big with these travel hacks! Get the resources and tips you need to see the world on a budget. 

Travel Hacks for Couples

Going on a trip soon? Learn how you can save big with these travel hacks! Get the resources and tips you need to see the world on a budget.

The theme for today is travel hacking. I know many of you may have recently gone out of town and some of you are planning a trip with loved ones soon.

To get you where you going without draining your wallet, in today’s episodes we’ll find ways you can save with your next trip.

  • Discover how you get to your destinations cheaper.
  • Find out if you can really travel hack your way to free flights and vacations.
  • Finally, discover which sites can help you get the best deals on hotels, break and breakfasts, and more.

Happy travels to you and your family!

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Save Big on Travel: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

One of the first concerns with travel is getting to your destination. Flying can be the quickest option, but it can also be the most expensive. Trains can give you a scenic route, but deals a are a bit harder to come by. Going by car can be great, but if you’re renting you have to stay on top of things so you don’t get nickeled and dimed with fees.

Being a family with a child we’ve tended to lean towards renting a car for regional trips and grabbing flights for the further destinations.

Saving with Priceline and BiddingLearn how you can travel cheap or free with these hacks.

We tend to get some wonderful deals on flights and car rentals by bidding on Priceline. There are certain restrictions we have to follow, but it’s been well worth it for us.

The big tip is to start early. That will give you time to find a deal within your budget.

What we’ve done is start off with rock bottom prices (like 50% off the lowest advertised) and increase it slowly until our bid is accepted.

Name Your Own Price requires that you have to be willing to go with any of the major carriers when you bid on flights. That’s fine. To us, most domestic airlines are the same.

You can get even lower prices if you’re flexible with connecting flights and when you plan on leaving.

We tend to play around with dates we leave, but having a small child, we’re a bit pickier when it comes to travel time. No need to add a ton of stress only to save a little bit of money.

One final thing to consider with flights is the airport, while some location only have one major airport, others may have two or more in the area.

You may find by expanding your destination location you can shave off enough money to cover a cab ride over to your hotel and still have some money leftover.

Snagging Great Deals on Car Rentals

Car rentals work the same, but we don’t need as big of a lead time with bidding. Again, I look at the lowest prices advertised and started around half. I notch our bid up bit by bit until one company takes a bite.

And we’ve been quite successful doing this way. I think my favorite rental was when we made an offer for a compact car, got it for like $13/day and then got upgraded to a Mustang for the same price.

I thought that the car rental office would try to tack on more fees, but when we picked up the car we only had taxes and usual fees with it.

So please keep that in mind when you bid.

Another thing to keep in mind with car rental is the hold they place. It’s usually a couple hundred.

If you’re using a credit card, it’s not a big deal, but if you’re putting the rental on your family’s debit card, it can be annoying. Budget accordingly.

Thoughts on TravelHacks

Are you planning a trip soon? Please let me know how these tips help when you book your flight or rental.

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