Expat: Finances of Working Abroad with Sarah of High Fiving Dollars

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Want to live abroad? Sarah Li Cain from High Fiving Dollars shares tips on how you can find work and handling your finances as a global citizen.

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What You Need to Know About Working Abroad

Working Abroad finances expat

Have you ever wanted to live in another country?

One of the popular reasons given for why people retire early is to travel more, but did you know it’s possible for you to live abroad without being independently wealthy?
And you can do it with little ones?

Sarah Li Cain from High Fiving Dollars is doing it now with her husband and their young son. And she’s here to help give the numbers and realities of living as an expat.

In this episode we’ll get into:

  • how she found a career that allows her live abroad
  • how finances can vary with every country
  • tips on how you can get started

So if you’re itching to travel, but you’re short of funds, this is your episode.


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