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Finding Your Road to Financial Wellness with Jason Vitug

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Thinking about switching jobs or careers? Jason Vitug, Phroogal Founder and author, shares how you can make smart money moves now to pursue your dreams. 

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Finding Your Road to Financial Wellness

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Have you ever wondered what things would be like if you picked a different career or path?

I think it’s natural to imagine how things would turn out, but what if you’re not just wondering once in awhile, but constantly? Maybe you feel like your current path isn’t where you want to go?

A switch or even a break would be wonderful, but your finances are nowhere near ready to handle this transition. What do you do then?

Jason Vitug is here to help. He’s the author of You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life. Jason shares how smart money moves can bring your closer to your dreams.

Discovering Your Path  Thinking about switching jobs or careers? Jason Vitug, Phroogal Founder and author, shares how you can make smart money moves now to pursue your dreams.

Jason’s  own road to financial wellness wasn’t smooth. Before he could chart his path, he had to step back and look at where he was at and where he wanted to go. 

From the outside looking in, you’d wonder what was wrong. He was working hard for an innovative credit union and was in line to become CEO. Wouldn’t want that?

But instead of feel excited and ready for this next step up in the ladder, he was wondering, Is this what I want? 

He made the difficult decision – he resigned from his job and began traveling the world. During this transition Jason discovered his new path and came back home to create Phroogal a community  and resource designed for millennials.

Join Us on the Road to Financial Wellness

If you’re considering a career or life change, please pick up his book. You can also see him and say hi as he travels the country with his Financial Wellness Roadtrip. Click on the events tab to you can see when he’s stopping near you.

And if you’re anywhere around the Triangle please come out to meet Jason Tuesday June 21!

This event is about networking, learning and empowering conversations. This is not the typical boring financial education seminar. You want to be be part of this experience.
The goal is for you to leave well connected, more inspired and better educated to serve your purpose, and live your dream lifestyle in this lifetime.

I will be there along with Justin from Root of Good. I’d love to meet you guys in person!

Look for the shy person with a recorder and mic 🙂  Always looking to hear stories of couples working together and build their finances.

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