Finding Your Forever Home with Our Freaking Budget

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Johnny and Joanna from Our Freaking Budget are the special guests today and they have some great tips and stories about how to decide which is the best spot for you.

We did it! After a ton of showings, we have sold out townhouse. We closed on the place a couple of weeks ago and we’ve bought a new place. This move was huge for us so that’s why there was a break in the podcast.

And I think the timing is better because today’s topic is all about moving.

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Whether it’s across town or the country, packing up your stuff and getting things ready can be challenge.

Joanna and Johnny from Our Freaking Budget
Adorable couple alert!

Johnny and Joanna from Our Freaking Budget are the special guests today. In this episode we also get into:

  •  how to decide if it’s better to hire movers or do it yourself
  •  how moving changed from when it was just Johnny and Joanna to moving across country with little ones in tow
  •  how to save money on your next move

I hope you enjoy!

Johnny and Joanna from Our Freaking Budget

When I first start reading their site, , they were gathering information about finding a forever home with their 50 State Project. It was kind of a cool way to crowd-source of research from those living in the area.

Besides their moves, Johnny and Joanna have some wonderful tips and stories about becoming debt free and working together with finances.

Moving Tips to Save You Time and Money

If you’re thinking about moving or getting ready to, here are some resources to make the move easier.

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