Getting Affordable Health Insurance for Your Family

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Trying to sort through all the health insurance plans HR has given you? Find out how you can choose an affordable health insurance plan that covers your family’s needs! 

Affordable Health Insurance for You

Health insurance is a huge expense. Last year when we reviewed the health plan options, we found out that premiums were going up. again. No surprise there, but the amount did catch us off guard. If we were to stay with the ‘basic’ family plan we had, our monthly premiums would be almost the same as our mortgage payment! That seemed ridiculous. If you’re in the same boat – looking for an affordable health insurance plan that will cover your family’s needs, save this episode. Michael Dinich is back to help decipher and decode health plans so you two will be armed to make the best choice for you and your situation. In this episode we discuss:
  • exactly how copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and more work so you know what coming out of your pocket and what’s covered
  • compare how typical base plans work versus high deductible health plans
  • the ins and outs of health savings accounts
Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Save Money on Healthcare

Are you looking for more help with keeping health care within your budget? Here are some resources:

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2 replies on “Getting Affordable Health Insurance for Your Family”

Excellent topic! I’m a broker in Silicon Valley and am now swamped during open enrollment. I think your guest raises some good points. One huge issue I see in my practice is provider mis-coding. This is where the doctor or nurse simply makes a mistake with the procedure code/s for the visit. These mistakes can add up to thousands of dollars! Please make sure that you look at all of your EOB’s and if you see something that is wrong, call the billing department and ask/demand a “coding review”. By law they must grant the request and get back to you within 14 days, at least here in CA. You can find articles on NPR’s HealthWatch and other places as well.

Thanks for your great podcast!

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