Getting Control Over Your Spending

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Trying to reboot your finances and get some control over your spending? Here’s one simple and effective psychological hack that can help you save a ton of money this year! 

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Sticking to Your Budget

Since July is here, I think now’s a good time to do a financial check-up. Hopefully, things are looking good on your end, but if not, it’s okay.


Cause July is Financial Reboot Month.

(If there can be a National Doughnut Day, I can create this!)

With 31 beautiful days, July is a wonderful opportunity to save some serious money.

Whether you have a formal budget/spending plan, there is one psychology hack that can help you save some cash.

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Resources to Gain Control Over Your Spending

If you two are serious about saving a ton of money quickly, here are some of the best resources to check out:

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