Getting Out of Debt and Finding Financial Peace

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Learn how you two have more control over your money and how some families have used Financial Peace University as a path to financial freedom. Chris from Money Peach, a FPU coordinator, is our special guest. 

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Making big changes, like getting out of massive amounts of debt can be challenging.  Many of our financial habits are deeply ingrained and they require us to see how and why they came about and then develop better money habits.

Is Financial Peace University Right for You? 


It can a matter of working together slowly using the resources around us and online. For many couples, however, it takes something more structured and formal to reach their goals.

Today we’re going to look at a popular option – Financial Peace University.

It’s a course designed by Dave Ramsey and his team about 20 years ago to guide others in managing their finances.  According to Dave, the average family taking the course gets rid of over $5,000 of debt in the first 90 days- impressive numbers.

In this episode we’re:

  • getting an overview of what FPU covers
  • looking at some of the results students have achieved
  • how you two can get started if that’s the path you want to take

Chris from Money Peach will be sharing his thoughts and experiences as a FPU coordinator.

Taking Care of Your Finances with Money Peach

If you haven’t checked it out already, Chris has made Money Peach a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to get out of debt and have more control over their money.

Besides showing you how to use a debt snowball or how to make a doable budget, Chris has quite a collection of stories from people who have become debt free.

Different backgrounds and situations, but they tackled their money problems. The latest I caught was a single mom who paid off over $300,000 of debt!

Motivation from real people wanting to do better with their finances. I believe these stories are where Money Peach shine.

Helpful Resources

If you want to learn more about Chris and Money Peach or Financial Peace University, here are some links to get you started.

Don’t forget to chat with Chris on Twitter and Facebook.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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