Buying a House: Deciding on What You Want

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Today is the first in a string of episodes about one of the biggest purchases couples can make – a house. This mini-series will go through our process from talking and planning about what we want to hopefully us moving in to our new place.

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Why Sell and Buy a House?Learn what you need to know when buying a house as a couple

For those who haven’t follow the blog, we had bought a new build town-home a few years ago. It’s been a wonderful home for us and our expanded family, but now we’d like to sell it.

We’ll get more into why later, but the gist to simplify by reducing our overall monthly expenses and be located closer to most of our family and professional activities. Before we find an agent or even list our current home, my husband and want to have a clear idea of what we are going for.

This weekend we sat down and discussed what we want to get out of this process. Some topics we chatted about included:

  • The big reasons why we want to move
  • Which features we must have in the new place and which features would be a bonus
  • What homework we need to do when looking at older homes
  • Why square footage is only a piece of the puzzle

My hope is that we’ll have an update in a few weeks, but I make no promises as this is real life and we don’t know how things we’ll turn out. If you want to keep up, please go ahead and subscribe, the links are posted above.

For those who already caught the show, here’s a picture of our current fridge in its poorly planned location ->bad fridge location

Thoughts on Buying a Home

I’d love to hear from you and your experiences. How many of you are in the market to buy a house? What are some features you have to have? What would you like to have?

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