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Home Features: What You Need Vs Want

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When you’re house hunting or about to start you have to accept that in most cases you aren’t going to get everything that you want. Learn how to define which home features are essential for your family

Whether it’s the house itself or your budget, the two of you have to decide which features are necessary for your family and which ones are bonuses. It’s not always as easy as you think.

Organize Your Wants Vs Needs

Today I’ll sharing more of our earlier conversation where we planned what we wanted to get out of the house buying process.

Besides talking about our must-have features, we went off and imagined some nice to haves for our next home. You’ll see how easily the lines can blur.

Not matter where we move to, there will have to be an office area since I work from home. The question is do we look for a dedicated room or can we utilize a space in the next place to suffice?

Having a separate room can be wonderful, but more than likely that will mean paying more for that extra space.

For us that means that an office is a must, but an extra bedroom is not. When we look at places we will keep an eye out on possible locations for the home office. The hard part will be remembering to tracking all the potential homes’ features.

If you’re in a similar boat with trying to keep things straight, you may want to keep a home buying checklist with you. That way when you tour the houses, you can notate what features that have or don’t.

At its core, you two will have to sit down and seriously consider how much space is enough for your family’s lifestyle. Don’t get hung up on square footage because layouts can vary greatly from home to home. You may find a smaller house feels bigger and better suited for you because it has a more open layout.

It may seem obvious, but please don’t forget to make sure that the bones of your next house are in solid condition. The best layout can mean nothing if you two will be paying quite a bit of money to get it up to standard.

Protect your family and finances by having a qualified home inspector do a through review of your home before you sign the papers.

Thoughts on Buying a Home

I’d love to hear from you – what features do you need from a house? What are some nice to haves you’d like to get?

Photo Credit: Coley Christine

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