How to Be a Rockstar Work from Home Parent

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Are you a work from home parent? Learn how to make the most of your limited time so you can grow your business and enjoy time with your kids. 

I had so much fun talking with Nick Loper about starting side hustles. I think it’s a great oppurtunity to explore your skills and reach your goals quicker.

Today I want to address those of you who already have a business and you’re working from home, either part-time or full time. Some of you may also have the addition responsibility of raising kids.

I’m in the same boat so I know how difficult and rewarding it can be. And while we can’t do it all every day, we can be more productive at work and enjoy time with our kids.

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Being a Successful Entrepenuer While Having Little Ones in the House

I recently did a piece for Entrepreneur on being productive while working from home with little ones.

I reached out to several parents who work and run their business from home while raising kids to see if they had advice about what works for them. And even though they’re in different fields – author, financial planner, a baker, and video personalities – there were a few ideas that kept coming up.Are You a Work from Home Parent? Learn how to make the most of your limited time so you can grow your business and enjoy time with your kids.

So if you’re looking at be more productive with work, here’s what they had to offer:

  1. Design your schedule to minimize disctractions
  2. Lighten and share your load
  3. It’s all about systems
  4. Take time away from the kids
  5. Roll with the punches

I hope these tips will help you be productive and give you more time with your little ones.

Next week on the podcast we’ll have Simi, or Mrs. Money Mustache as she’s known to some, discussing how she and her husband have designed their life to savor this time with their son.

Even if you’re not a parent, this is a cool episode. She has practical thoughts on simplifying and learning to gain pleasure less from stuff and more from expiriences.  You may be surprised to see how well you can live with less.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend; until next time take care!

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