How to Give More in 2015 (and Beyond)

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Welcome to the Couple Money Podcast! I’m so happy that you’re joining me, especially this week since the topic is giving back.

I think this is a wonderful way to wrap up the year – not focusing on money problems, but on how to use it and your other resources to help out causes and charities dear to your heart.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • how you can budget more giving and spontaneously give without busting your budget and,
  • we’ll explore ways you can give back and help others without donating money

I’ll also be including the tips and stories some of you have sent in. Together I believe we can make 2015 a year of giving more.

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If you’re stumped on where to start giving, I have a few charities you might want to look into:

Giving as a Family

Preparing for this episode, I asked around to see if anyone wanted to share their giving stories. Aja from Principles of Increase was kind enough to answer my questions about giving more.  Besides donating money as a family she and her husband give their time and example to help her daughter learn generosity.

Who/What/Where do you give and why?

Giving is actually a line item in our budget. We give both personally and through my business income. Since we are Christians, we give our tithe (10%) to our local church who in turn supports the poor, widow, local youth, etc.

We also give our time. Since we live in a “under-resourced” community, there are many people that live at or below the poverty line. We bring food to people in need, especially our elderly neighbors. I will cook and my oldest daughter likes to bake and bless neighbors with cookies.

Since we home school, my daughters hang out with me all day. Every Wednesday, we go to a local high school and participate in a Bible study & mentoring program with teenage girls. Then there are the miscellaneous, impromptu-type gifts. One of my employees home’s was broken into earlier this week. We are taking her dinner tomorrow.

My 5 year old saw a deaf man asking for money in a store once, she made us go back and give him money! It was inconvenient to go back, but how could I turn down a 5 year old down? I try to be very intentional about letting my children see our attempts to bless others, so they can do the same.

Through our my business, I also engage in a number of pro-bono activities. I am on the board of a local non profit organization. There, I help with their workforce training program and donor database. Through my software consulting business, I give small non profits a number of hours to configure their donor databases for free as well.

We encourage our children to be tithers as well. They give 10% of the money they earn through chores and other jobs to help support the work of our church.

How has giving changed your family’s perspective?

Giving is essential in helping us, especially our young girls, develop a posture of gratitude. We don’t face poverty like many of our neighbors, but I still want my children to know that having money in life is not something to be taken for granted.

It is a responsibility that we are entrusted with to make the world a better place. I feel like I see them maturing in this area. They are becoming more thoughtful and intentional in their giving as well.

Any tips on how to get started with giving?

I would say add it to the budget and put it on the calendar. If you wait for a convenient time, it will never come. Find something you are passionate about and sow into that with your time and money.

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