How to Quit Your Job with Steve Chou

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Ready to quit your job and start your own business? Steve Chou, Founder of My Wife Quit Her Job and co-founder of Bumblebee Linens, shares how you can build a business from home. 

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Starting a Business from Home

CMP Quit Your Job S3E2

When we had Joe from Stacking Benjamins on last week, he mentioned that cutting back on expenses can only go so far. Earning more can be a powerful way to speed up your goals.

This week we’re having Steve Chou, founder of My Wife Quit Her Job, discuss, well….how his wife was able to quit her job. Not only was she unhappy with her career, she knew that we wanted to be a stay at home mom.

She also wanted to make sure the family’s finances would be able to handle the shift.

In this episode we get into:

  • testing the waters before launching a business
  • how to manage a business while you’re still working full-time
  • resources you can use to make this leap

Hope you enjoy!

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Meet Steve Chou, Founder of My Wife Quit Her Job

Before Steve and Jennifer got married, she told him that she wanted to stay home when they had kids.

After she became pregnant they set out to start a business that would allow her to quit her job, but still provide income. In its first year Bumblebee Linens was able to replace her $100k salary!

While either one of them had experience opening or running a business, Steve and Jennifer were able to build one that allowed her to stay with the kids.

Steve documented the process on My Wife Quit Her Job including:

  • what tools worked (and what didn’t) work for them
  • a start-up guide for new entrepreneurs
  • new developments that make opening an online store even easier

You can also catch his podcast to get interviews with entrepreneurs in different industries and find out their systems and workflows.

More Resources to Starting a Business

If you’re looking to build or grow an income source:




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