How to Save 50% of Your Income with Stacking Benjamins

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Want to build wealth? Learn how to save half your income this year! Joe and Kathleen from Stacking Benjamins gives you tips and hacks to make saving easier! 

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Season three is here and we’re starting with a bang! All this month we’re looking at big goals and how you can achieve them.

Saving Half Your IncomeLearn how to save half of your income in 2016!

We’re starting this season with a bang – Joe and Kathleen the masterminds behind Stacking Benjamins are going to share how you can save half your income this year.

Seriously -it  can be done and has been done as they explain in the podcast.

We go over big and small ways you can adjust your finances and life so you can still enjoy your life and build up some serious savings.

If you can’t wait and want to join in on the fun, go check out Save50 here!

Stacking Benjamins with Joe and Kathleen

How to Save Half Your Income

If you haven’t  already, please listen to the Stacking Benjamins. It’s the funniest personal finance podcast out there.

Plenty to listen to, the podcast covers plenty of topics each episode. Some of my favorites include:

Joe Saul-Sehy, the host and founder of Stacking Benjamins, is a former financial advisor (16 years) and represented a Fortune 500 company in the media.

Kathleen likes to think of herself as the opposite of Joe: a regular person who has learned all her money lessons the hard way. She wrote a check from a credit card, got into a pile of debt, and worked her way out. Now, she’s busy making the Stacking Benjamins show and website the very best they can be. You won’t hear her on-air much, but you’ll see her work in various ways.

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