How to Travel the Country and Have Better Conversations on Money and Marriage with Derek and Carrie Olsen

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Want to travel together, but don’t know where to start? Derek and Carrie, from Better Conversations on Money and Marriage, share how they were able to simplify their lives and finances to travel the country as a family. 

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Traveling the Country Together

Learn how you two can simplify and travel together.

How many times have you thought about traveling? Not just a weekend getaway, but really seeing another place?

What’s stopping you?

For many couples there are so many responsibilities, bills, and obligations. Next year.

If you’re ready to stop thinking about some day and start planning for your own adventure, Derek and Carrie’s Olsen’s story is up your alley.

These two along with their beautiful toddler Amelie took a cross country trip with their trusty travel trailer.

In this episode, we’ll get into:

  • how Derek and Carrie simplified their lives to make this adventure happen
  • how you can purge and shed your stuff
  • how the two of you can achieve your goal before the end of the year

I hope you enjoy!


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