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How Your Family Can Effortlessly Give More

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I can’t believe 2014 is almost over!

I have to say this past week’s podcast theme on giving has me motivated and pumped to give more in 2015. To wrap up this year, then I thought it would be wonderful to share a snippet from another couple who have made giving a part of their finances.

Today’s giving story is from Mark & Lauren Greutman, hosts of the Simpler Happier Life Podcast. I had the pleasure of interviewing them for an upcoming show about how they transformed their marriage and finances by simplifying their lives.

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During the interview we also talked about how they as a family give to causes that matter most to them, both through spontaneously giving and budgeting which I included today.

Mark and Lauren also mention how their charitable giving plan was different when their budget was a bit tighter some years ago.

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Can’t wait for you to listen to their story; they’re so thoughtful and honest.

The Simpler Happier Life Podcastsimpler happier podcast

If you want to catch them before that show, please listen to them on the Simpler Happier Life Podcast. They teach people how to prioritize their money so they too can live their new American dream.
You can subscribe and get all of their new episodes as they are released or you can download episodes individually. A few of my favorites are:

I hope you and family have a great week and I’ll chat with you in 2015. Take care!

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