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Investing in Yourself and Your Career

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Today we’re discussing how to invest in yourself. It’s one of the most power things you can do to advance your career – whether you’re employed or an entrepreneur.

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Having a competitive skill set can set you apart when it comes to looking for work. Even when you have stable 9-5 job, you are constantly learning new programs and systems. It’s the landscape of working today. You can certainly let your employer dictate what you learn which may help you with that particular company or you can be proactive and gain skills to get you a better job.

How can you do it? The short answer- time and money. Before you jump in and mention why you can’t, please listen to the podcast where I share some practical and affordable options that may be around your area or even available at home.

Community Colleges and Local UniversitiesLearn how you can build your income, gain in demand tech skills, and move ahead in your career with these affordable options!

Community colleges and universities offer adult learners classes and certification programs to help you stay at the top of your game.

Depending on your location, you may discover that your local community college offeres classes at a fraction of the cost of the university and use the same instructors.

Online Training Courses Like

If you’re not familiar with it, is an online education company that offers a huge library of video courses and tutorials taught by industry experts. Last time I checked, they have over 2,400 courses covering business, programming, CAD, audio, 3D animation, and more.

I started using them years ago and it has been tremendously helpful to me as I learn skills such as audio editing for this podcast.Sign up to get a free 7 day trial at

Thoughts on Investing in Your Career

How many of you have taken the time and spent the money to keep yourself sharp? How has it paid off?

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