How Joint Accounts Can Make You Richer and Happier

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One of the first issues couple typically deal with is whether or not to combine their bank accounts. Besides the financial reasons, there are also emotional factors to consider when making this huge transition.

For this week’s show my focus is on showing how the two of you can have joint accounts and how you can build a budget together.

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Combining Finances and Making a Budget Learn how joint bank accounts can help you build up your net worth and marriage

I open up the show with the advantages of joint banking accounts. If your current bank or credit union isn’t working for you, here are some suggestions on others you should check out.

Finding the right checking and saving account can make all the difference with your financial system.

Back by special request, my husband Rob returns to the show. You remember a couple of weeks ago, we interviewed each other about our first money chat?  So fun to talk about the awkwardness of it (at least on my side).

Naturally the conversation then turned to how we started our first budget, but because that wasn’t the topic of the show I edited some of it out. But now it’s coming back – you’ll get to hear how we came up with our initial budget system and what we learned from it.

Smarter Budgets

Want to start budgeting together efficiently and effectively?

It’s thankfully easy to set up and maintain, so the two of you can spend time on things you love instead of counting pennies. It’s based on a few guidelines:

  • Every dollar has a purpose. When you create a budget, make sure you give a job for all of your money. Some of it will be needed to cover the essential bills, some of it will go towards savings, some of if for giving, and some of it for spending.
  • Make sure fun is in the budget. Speaking of spending, being a miser isn’t going to encourage your spouse to stay on track for very long. You should have room in your budget for some fun stuff. You can also dial it back as you two get better control over your money. Your long term goal is to get them on board with the spending plan, so be patient.
  • Save for rainy days and hiccups. Life happens – cars break down, appliance fail at the most inconvenient time, and bills can seemingly come out from nowhere. Prepare yourselves and stash away some money into an emergency fund.

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