Jumpstart Your Money and Marriage with the New Year New You Financial Summit

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Want to make this your best year ever with finances? Learn how you can dump debt, retire early, launch a business, and more with the New Year, New You Financial Summit!

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Attend the New Year, New You Financial Summit

Welcome to the season four finale of Couple Money. I can’t believe we’ve done this!

When I started the podcast a few years ago, my idea was simply calling up couples and interviewing them about what they achieved together with their finances.

And now I’m finishing up a fourth season with the biggest event I’ve ever done – New Year, New You Financial Summit.

And it’s thanks in large part to you – your support, ideas, and questions have made this possible!

This summit has been a work in progress for the past few months and I’m so thrilled with the response so far. I’ve gotten to chat with some of you during the sessions which has made this all the more special to me.

In this episode, we’ll get into: what goes behind the scenes to put together a summit

  • what goes behind the scenes to put together a summit
  • highlights from the summit so far
  • some honest and personal answers we had in our Q&A sessions from a couple of our speakers

Hope you enjoy!

Catch the New Year, New You This Week

You can register for free all through this week and catch the sessions as they are released until Sunday night.

New Year New You Partners & Giveaways

In addition to the sessions, we partnered up with some wonderful companies. Special Shout out to Proactive Budgets, Republic Wireless, iBotta, and HoneyFi!

Besides offering really great service to help you save your money, they are sponsoring some incredible giveaways.

  • Republic Wireless is offering credit for a free smartphone and three months service with them
  • HoneyFi gave away $100 through PayPal/Amazon gift card
  • iBotta will be doing a few drawings including one for $250 credit which can be cashed out
  • ProActiv is giving lifetime subscriptions to their app every day of the summit

Check out all the details here. We wanted to give people every reason to register for the New Year, New You Summit.

So if you haven’t already, please sign up!

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