How to Master Your Money – Tips from Financial Pros

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Welcome to the 10th weekly episode of the Couple Money Podcast! I’m so happy that we’re here and I appreciate you joining me.

This a very special episode – we have two guests over who give their financial expertise – Brian Preston and Bo Hanson. Besides being certified financial planners at Preston & Cleveland Wealth Management, LLC , Brian is also the founder of the Money Guy Show. Along with Bo, the financial duo use their show to take complex financial topics and make it simple.

Finding the Best Financial Advisor for Your Family

In today’s show they answer money questions so many couples have to deal with, including: money guy podcast tightwad nation

  • How to find the right financial planner for your family
  • Avoiding sticky situations with marriage and money
  • Getting started with investing

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Want More Advice from Brian and Bo?

Brian or Bo, they are enthusiastic about helping others so if you need a financial professional to optimize your family’s finances, please reach out to them.

If you haven’t caught their show yet, please do. One of the first things that popped out at me when I caught some episodes was how easy they break down finances. Here are a few of my favorites:

Please let me know if you have any money questions you’d like me to cover  or guests you’d like me to interview in future shows.
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Hey Clarie,

I’m working on getting transcripts for the episode now. Even with automated service, I have to go through it to fix mistakes. I’ve put this episode on the topic of this list. It should be up on Monday. Thank you for the feedback!

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