Merging Finances as Newlyweds

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Marriage and money can be tricky, especially as the two of you begin working on your finances together as newlyweds. Today we’re seeing how the two of you can stay on the same page with separate accounts.

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Merging Finances


Marriage and money can be tricky, especially as the two of you begin working on your finances together as newlyweds.  One of the first challenges is figuring out how to handle finances together.

  • Do you keep separate accounts and pay the bills?
  • Do you throw everything into one pot?
  • Or do you stitch together something else?

Our finances are in a way a reflection our values, personalities, and circumstances, so I’ve seen plenty of different systems.

On this podcast, I usually highlight and shares stories from those who’ve successfully dug out of debt, saved for their dreams,or retired early. This week, it’s a bit different.

As you heard we’re starting at the beginning, we’re looking at newlyweds. Marriage and money can be tricky, especially as the two of you begin working on your finances together as newlyweds. Learn how one couple are working together with their money!

I recruited my buddy Ani Wemer to help out.

In this episode we get into:

  • how they working on finances together using separate accounts
  • smoothing out cash flow with the half method
  • keeping each other in the loop

So if you’re getting married soon or just curious about how others are handling their finances, I think you’ll enjoy this episode.

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Hurricane Matthew Relief

Last weekend Hurricane Matthew made its way to North Carolina.

We live in Raleigh, two hours inland, so while we prepared because yeah, it’s a hurricane, we weren’t expected much would happen.

While we lost power for a bit and the basement was flooded. It took most of this week for us to get that cleaned, checked out, and fixed so that’s why the podcast was delayed. We’re fortunate and grateful that was the extent of the damage for us.

Unfortunately people in pockets around the state got hit hard. Cities and towns were flooded and some still are and don’t have power.

If you’d like to help with a donation, but don’t know what’s a good option, I’d like to suggest The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. They’re delivering food, water, and non-food essentials to the thousands affected. For every dollar donated, the Food Bank can provide five meals.

If you want to find out more, please visit their site here.


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