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How to Open Up About Money to Transform Your Finances and Marriage with Mark and Lauren Greutman

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Learn how being open about money helped Mark and Lauren Greutman from I Am THAT Lady go they went from $40,000 in debt and juggling credit cards to living debt free. 

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Learning to Be Open About Money

How to open up about finances couple money podcast

A few years back Lauren and Mark Gruetman seemed to be doing pretty well – big house, nice neighborhood, and awesome family.

But their finances were saying a different story –  they were becoming more dependent on their credit cards to maintain their lifestyle. When they finally sat down and looked at the numbers, the Greutmans discovered that had about $40,000 of credit card debt.

Besides the overspending, though, there was another danger to Mark & Lauren’s finances and marriage.

Mark and Lauren weren’t talking about money. Like so many couples, avoiding the issue seemed less stressful.

But with the finances pushed to their limits, they decided to own up to the reality of their sticky situation.

Opening About Money Show Notes

  • When Mark and Lauren realized the needed to change
  • What Mark did that helped their marriage
  • How the two of them slashed their bills and built a business

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