Summer of Savings: How to Grow Your Stash of Cash

Today we’re looking at how you can crank up your savings rate while still enjoying this summer! Bumping Up Your Savings This week in the community newsletter I asked a question – can you really save half your income? Think about that for a second. Why is this important? Whether you’re paying off debt, saving […]

Best Wedding Planning Tips to Make Your Special Day Less Stressful

Even though it’s about 13 years ago, I remember being stressed at times when planning our wedding. Just like we heard at the top of the show, as soon as you announce your engagement it can feel like you’re being swarmed with questions about the big day. But as much as your loved ones mean […]

What to Do If your Spouse Breaks the Budget (Again!)

Need to talk about money, but worried about starting a fight? Learn easy and stress-less ways you two can have the money talk and get on the same page with your finances!  How to Talk About Money (without Starting a Fight) While it makes for good TV drama, finding out your spouse has been hiding […]

How To Reset Your Money With a Financial Spring Cleaning

Need to reset your money? Learn how to do some spring cleaning with your finances to start building momentum with your biggest goals! For some reason, I like to use April is a sort of reminder to review our financial progress. Maybe because of the deadline for taxes. Or maybe it’s because it’s financial literacy […]

How Much House Can We (Really) Afford to Buy?

Today we’re going to see how you can prepare your finances so you can buy a house without going broke! Things are about to get hectic around here. We just heard from our neighbor that the developer is going to start building the townhouses across the street from us starting next week. Buying a House […]