Tips for Starting and Building a Sustainable Side Hustle

Interested in knocking out your debt faster, saving for a big goal (like a house down payment) or pivoting your career path? Use these tips to not only start a business but grow a sustainable side hustle! Launching a Side Hustle Starting a business, work from home, side hustle – you don’t have to be […]

How to Go on a Fabulous and Frugal Family Vacation

Do you want to go on a fabulous family vacation, but you’re still paying down debt? Learn how you can save big on your next getaway while still knocking out your debt! Saving Up for a Fun and Frugal Family Vacation When’s your spring break? Our oldest has hers next month, but she’s already counting […]

Protecting Your Older Loved Ones from Financial Scams

Learn how you can protect your loved ones financial abuse and how to minimize the damage if it happens! Financial Scams and Protecting Your Family A few years ago, my husband’s nana had sent over money to a scammer pretending to be him. She had thought he needed help and so she generously sent it […]

How to Prepare for Healthcare Costs of Retirement

Learn how you can prepare and save for the healthcare costs of retirement! How Much Do We Need to Save for Retirement? If you’ve used those free online calculator to find your retirement number, you probably were amazed at how much they say you need. A million, two million, maybe more for just one of […]

How to Tackle Your Taxes and Maximize Your Refund This Year

Today I’m answering your biggest tax questions. We’re doing a quick and easy take covering what you need to know this year when you file, how to maximize your refund, and set yourselves up with your finances for next year. How to Maximize Your Tax Refunds with Credit and Deductions There are some people in […]