Paying Off Your Debt Faster as a Couple

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After all the prep, sweat, and tears, the first episode of the Couple Money Podcast is up!

For the premiere show it’s all about debt, specifically getting out of debt faster and getting rid of massive amounts of debt.

Paying Off Your Debt Faster

The guest on today’s episode is Brian from Debt Discipline. He and his wife have managed to pay off $100,000 in debt while raising their three kids.Learn how you two can get rid of your debt faster and grow closer as a couple.

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Resources Mentioned in Today’s EpisodeLearn how to dump your debt faster and draw closer as a couple!

For listeners looking to get more information and resources to get rid of their debt, here are the links to what we mentioned on the episode.

I also wanted to mention that Brian and his wife have JUST finished paying off their debt! Congrats to the whole family!

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3 replies on “Paying Off Your Debt Faster as a Couple”

Congratulations Elle! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the podcast! Your voice is perfect. Your pitch, tone, levels . . . all great. I like the guest aspect. GREAT tips. There is a little drone in the dead spaces that could probably be adjusted in some way through the mike. I searched on iTunes and could not find you under Couple Money or Elle Martinez BTW. I will absolutely subscribe when it’s available.

BTW, I paid off my debt when I sold my house but my husband had a LOT of consumer debt. We took Dave Ramsey’s course but we still weren’t working together. Last summer I talked to him about our vision for the future. I told him that I can see a simple way I could help to get all the debt paid within a year. He wanted a large piece of equipment for his business and I told him I was on board IF all debt was paid first. That was his motivation. We worked together and he’s now debt free and in less than two years. I pay his bills so I up-ed the monthly payments considerably and when he stacked up some savings I applied chunks towards the debt. He did not notice ANY lack whatsoever. I let him know what I was doing but never gave him numbers. When the day came that he was at zero he was thrilled and felt SO empowered. He is now focused on staying debt free. This is a HUGE turnaround for him. He struggled for decades with this issue. He made a good income but never tracked his spending. I set up spreadsheets and tracked income and expenses. We’re now on track with budgeting and tracking. We do a monthly and quarterly check in. He still spends but he talks to me about big purchases to see how we can do it to serve us best. He bought the equipment and put half down and financed the rest (to build business credit). We have enough in a separate account to pay the rest in full but will hold those funds as a safety net. What it took is for my husband to see there was a way, that I wasn’t trying to restrict him and for him to have a motivation ~ big equipment.

Thanks so much for your help along this path Elle. I use spreadsheets that I’ve created beginning with free online tools. I used to use Mint as well and liked it but now choose not to have my budget finances in the Cloud.

I’m so excited about the podcast and your ability to help so many more people through this medium. xxoo

Thank you so much Darris for listening and the feedback! I’m learning more about Audacity so I’ll see if I can get that drone noise removed for the next episode.

I love your story and how you showed your husband that you were on his side and that paying off debt was empowering. Working together can be a huge boost and besides helping with the finances, it’s a win for the two of you as a couple.

As soon as it’s up on iTunes I will share it!

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