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Paying Off Over $100k of Debt as a Couple

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Are you deep in debt and ready to get out? Brian from Debt Discipline shares how he and his wife got rid of over $100k of debt while raising their kids.

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Today we’re at #2 of the top 10 episodes of the Couple Money Podcast!

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Getting Rid of Debt Together


Today’s episode was actually my first show of the podcast. I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian from Debt Discipline just before he and his wife were about to finish paying off over $100,000 of debt while raising their 3 kids.

Very cool story with Brian going through the conversations and process he and his wife made to get there.

When I asked him how he got everyone on board for their debt free journey he had some wonderful advice:

I realized early on that my wife and I had to get on the same page for us to be successful. I focused on the end goal. Painting the picture of what our financial life will be like when we are debt free.

Having a surplus of over $2k per month to save, invest, and increase areas of our budget for entertainment, travel, etc. This remains our motivation today, once my wife and I looked at it in these terms we were sold on making the sacrifices today for a better future for ourselves and children.

Please visit his site to see what they are up to now!

Resources for Paying Off Your DebtAre you deep in debt and ready to get out? Brian from Debt Discipline shares how he and his wife got rid of over $100k of debt while raising their kids.

Looking to get more information and resources to get rid of your debt Here are  links to what we mentioned on the episode plus more:

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