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Preparing and Saving for Your Baby

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While it’s impossible to be absolutely prepared for everything, as parents we do want to have our bases covered. To help the two of you do just that, I want to share some tips that helped us when we were expecting our first one and how we’ve adjusted with our second daughter’s arrival in a few months.

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Make Saving for Your Baby Automatic


I can not overemphasize how making automatic transfer was a big boost for us. When you have so much to think about, it is an entirely too easy to lose track of your time and forget to transfer the money over to savings.

We use Capital One 360 and what I love about it is how scheduling transfers is a breeze. and we have a solid rate with our savings account. This time around, automating is a bigger plus because we also have an active toddler to keep up with on top of everything.

If you’re not happy with your bank, visit the site. I have a few different options that may be a better fit.

Let Your Network of Family and Friends Help

Our oldest daughter was the first grandchild on both sides and so we were blessed with some many eager family members and friends who wanted to give us gifts and advice.

It does take a village to raise a child, so welcome help whenever you can. Several friends contributed to preparing the nursery including painting, decorating, and even giving handmade art pieces.

Besides new gifts, we also happily accepted gently used baby gear and clothes. That money saved we used for other necessary items for our daughter.  When our friends and family found out we were expecting another one, they again offered gifts and help.

Work Life with BabyGet tips and resources to help you two save for your little bundle of joy!

Last, but certainly not least, the two of you should sit down and talk about childcare. Whether both of you choose to work outside the home or if one of you decides to become a stay at home parent, you really need to count the costs.

I wanted to work from home while watching my daughter, but we had to examine if that was going to be doable. That meant we left our savings untouched until we knew that it could be done. It can us some time to try out some schedules to see what would be the best fit for us.

We’ll be doing the same this time too as having two kids means even less dedicated time for work projects. Having a buffer will allow us to juggle things around until a solution comes up.

Thoughts on Preparing for a Baby

I hope our experience helps the two you be better prepared for your own bundle of joy. If you’d like to get some more tips on getting ready for your baby’s arrival, please catch our interview on Daily Finance.

I’d love to hear your stories about the adjustments you made as parents. How did you two prepare for your little one?

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