How to Protect Your Family with Disability & Life Insurance with PolicyGenius

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Learn how you can protect your family with the right insurance coverage. Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO and co-founder of PolicyGenius, helps explains the hows and why of disability and life insurance. 

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Why Insurance Matters


Insurance is one of those things  hardly anybody is excited about. You’re paying money for something you hopefully never have to use.

Insane, right?

It’s kind of weird how it works, but the main reason it’s important to get insurance is peace of mind – for yourself, your family.

Protection for the Unexpected

Over the past year, we’ve had reminders that the unexpected can come up.

While we hardly have control on things of that matter, that doesn’t mean we just let stuff happen. Taking a little bit time now, while you can, gives you an ability to help protect your family.

To help you get it done, Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO and Co-founder of PolicyGenius is sharing her expertise.

In this episode, we’ll get into:

  • what disability insurance is and why you need it
  • how to figure out whether term or whole life insurance is best
  • questions to go over to know much life insurance coverage to get

So if you have a few minutes set aside some time this week to talk things out and make sure your family is protected should something happen.

Becoming a Policy Genius with Insurance

If you’re looking for some calculators and insurance resources, please check out PolicyGenius. Their mission is:

“To get people the insurance coverage they need and make them feel good about it.”

I think they’re doing a great job helping people understand the hows and why behind insurance. I’m also grateful that their CEO, Jennifer Fitzgerald took time out to come on the podcast and share her expertise. It shows their commitment from top to bottom.

There’s a ton of great resources right there on their site, including  a guide for disability insurance and an insurance check-up tool to help you spot any holes in your coverage.


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