How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft with CreditShout

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With over 17 million Americans victims of identity theft in 2014 alone, it’s even more important to learn how to protect yourself. David Rubinstein from Credit Shout shares the tools and resources you can use to make it harder for thieves to steal your personal information. 

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Protecting Yourself Against Identity  Theft

how to protect yourself against identity theft

Identity theft is a popular topic in the news. Whether it’s data breaches, tax fraud, or old fashion dumpster diving, it’s even more
important to be smart with your personal information.

In this episode, David Rubinstein, owner of CreditShout and CreditForums is here to help.
We’ll look at:

  • how to better protect yourself offline and online
  • the difference between fraud alert & credit freeze
  • whether or not identity protection services are worth the costs

I hope you enjoy!

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Special thanks again to David for sharing his tips and research. Please check out CreditShout. David and his team have some great information,
not just on credit cards, but also some detailed articles on finances including:

Additional Resources on Fighting Against Identity Theft

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