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Raising Money Smart Kids

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Last week I had a fantastic time discussing with financial coach and author Dorethia Connor about lending to family and how to help them without enabling them.

Besides examining the possible ways couples can tackle this delicate and oftentimes sticky situation, we also spent a few minutes reviewing ways to prepare the next generation. I couldn’t include it with the last episode, so it’s getting it’s on segment today.

Is Your Kid Ready to Handle Money?

How can parents teach their children to be financially independent and confident?
If you want to help you kids feel comfortable managing their own money, this episode is for you.

Having taught her own children, Dorethia had some fantastic tips on how to introduce money to kids, instilling the values of entrepreneurship and generosity, and have them take control of their own finances.

As a mom, I found her tips enlightening and I hope you do too.

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What’s Your Giving Story?

I just want to remind you there’s still time if you want to share your giving story on the next episode of the Couple Money Podcast. I want to know what charities and causes you support and why.

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