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Selling a House, Fancy Dinners, and Family Get Togethers

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Get highlights from Couple Money how to throw a summer party without breaking your budget and saving big on fancy dinners!

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Before I review this week’s money saving tips, I wanted to give you an update on our house situation.


On the Market!

We have went ahead and put our house on the market.

We searched around and found a really good agent whom we clicked with. We also have a pre-approval letter for when we need to shop for our next place. It may not sound like much, but every day has been packed full of stuff to do.

Of course it begins by running some numbers. 🙂

We wanted to get an idea of the typical costs for both buying and selling a house. It’s quite a list. You have:

  • real estate agent commissions
  • home appraisal
  • recording and transfer of the property
  • homeowners’ and title insurance
  • moving costs
  • share of this year’s property taxes

And we’re aware that negotiations can add more expenses.

Taking that into account, we’re listing our place at a competitive price to hopefully snag a buyer sooner.

Prep Work for the House

This week I spent half of my days removing junk, pre-packing, and deep cleaning the house. With a 3 year old a a 4 month old, it’s not going as smoothly as I hoped. And I also have to get my work projects done like this podcast.

So yes, if I sound tired, it’s because I am. 🙂

But we’re moving forward towards our long term plans and we’re really excited about that.


This week’s theme on the Couple Money blog was about having fun at home.

Monday’s post was about creating five fancy meals that can be expensive at the restaurants, but are an absolute steal if you make them at home. I shared recipes from appetizer to dessert on each one. Even though I grouped them by themes, you can mix and match them as you like.

Yesterday’s post was about throwing a summer party. I shared share some ways you host one without blowing your budget. I also found a list of pantry and bar essentials that can give you plenty of options for those last minute get togethers.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend; take care!

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