Store Brand vs Name Brand – Which is The Better Buy?

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Want your grocery money go further without sacrificing quality? Len Penzo shares his taste test results with store brands versus name brands! 

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Shop Smart, Save Big


You can make your dollar go further by becoming a smarter, savvier shopper. One popular tip personal finance bloggers like to share going for the store brands when buying food and products.

I’ve seen and read about various brands are made in same location, just given different labels. But there are some items that just can’t quite be replicated. While many families want to stretch their dollars by finding a great steal, no one I know wants to waste their money by getting sub-par products and food.

So just how different or similar are store brands to their name brand counterparts?  Today we find out with Len Penzo.

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Taste Tests: Finding the Better Deal with Store Brand Vs Name Brands Want your grocery money go further without sacrificing quality? Len Penzo shares his taste test results with store brands versus name brands!

Len Penzo has ran several blind taste tests looking at products like cola, potato chips, ketchup, and my favorite – cereal.  He’s going to share some of his biggest winners and surprises with both store brands and name brands.

If you want to learn more, here are Len’s taste tests. You can also chat with him on Twitter and Facebook.

While I hope you found Len’s test results informative and helpful, I do hope you try to run some blind taste tests yourselves. It can be fun and it can help you two decide which products you are the best fit for your family’s budget.

Of course for most people, it can be cost-prohibitive to test every single item on their shopping list.

What you can do is look at your list and divide it into two categories – items that you two are particular about and items you want, but aren’t that picky with. The two of you can then test out your favorites.

You can also use resources like Consumer Reports to get an idea of whether or not it’s better to go store brand.

For items like prescribed medications, talk it over with your doctor and see if switching to generic prescriptions would be feasible.

Spend your money on what truly matters to you and where you see a notable difference in quality. Shop generic or store brand on the rest.

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I concur; Len is an awesome guy to chat with 😀
He also inspired me to test name brand and lesser known whiskeys to find the better value. Wait…that actually might be just a personal thing lol!

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