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Learn how you can reduce college expenses for your kid while still teaching them self-sufficiency.  [smart_track_player url=”″ social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_gplus=”true” ] Subscribe to Couple Money Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, or copy this link to use with a podcatcher of your choice. You can also find me hanging out on Twitter and Facebook. Tips on Paying for College This past week Julie […]

In this week’s episode we’ll be discussing one of the biggest concerns couples have when it comes to love and finances – having the money talk. When I say the, I mean the exposing your finances to one another. This is a big step and for many it is a scary step, especially if there is […]

After all the prep, sweat, and tears, the first episode of the Couple Money Podcast is up! For the premiere show it’s all about debt, specifically getting out of debt faster and getting rid of massive amounts of debt. Paying Off Your Debt Faster The guest on today’s episode is Brian from Debt Discipline. He and his wife […]