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Tired of getting hit with fees from your bank? Today we’re going to see how you can find the best place to stash your cash to save and earn more money! Best Banks for Your Money All this month we’ve been talking about big decisions you need to make about health insurance and investing that […]

Ready to merge finances? Find how you can master your bank accounts together and get the most out your hard earned money!  Master Your Bank Accounts Together How are things going with your money? Do you feel like the two of you have a strong handle on things? When we were first married, it took […]

Real Estate agent Louis Guillama from Daymark Realty shares tips and advice on how to spot a gem in the rough when buying a house. Be a better home buyer the next time you’re in the market!  [smart_track_player url=”″ social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_pinterest=”true” ] Subscribe to Couple Money Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, or copy this link […]

Having the best checking and savings accounts for your family can be a huge boost to your finances. Every couple has their particular preferences on what they are looking for, but I think most – if not all – want their hard earned money in a safe place that treats them with respect and offers […]