Escaping the Timeshare Nightmare with Debt Free Divas

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Thinking about buying a timeshare? Toni from Debt Free Divas shares her experience so you can avoid the pitfalls and offers tips on more affordable options. 

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Would You Consider Buying a Timeshare?

TIMESHARE couple money podcast

One job I had in college was at call center setting up timeshare tours. We were given a script and told whoever answered the phone that they could get all free gifts if they went to the presentation.

As a broke college kid, I thought it was a sweet deal – you get gas and restaurant gift cards and all you had to do was listen to a presentation for an hour. No commitment.

Like I said, I was a kid.

If you’ve been to a timeshare tour, you know it’s not that simple.

While I was visiting Chicago, I met up with my buddy and fellow podcaster Toni Husbands from Debt Free Divas. Her experience with her timeshare wasn’t that rosy.

I think Toni’s stories highlights just some of the pitfalls you can fall into if you’re not prepared.

Hope you enjoy!

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Timeshare Info and ResourcesThinking about buying a timeshare? Toni from Debt Free Divas shares her experience so you can avoid the pitfalls and offers tips on more affordable options.

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever been through a timeshare presentation?

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