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Travel Tips and Date Night Ideas

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The Summer of Savings has begun and I wanted to share highlight from the posts this week.

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Monday was all about fun and frugal dates and I shared 52 ideas to you started.

Behind the scenes tidbit – that post took much longer than I anticipated. This Summer of Savings series is special to me so I wanted to come up with date ideas that were not only fun, but could be done cheaply.

#20dollardatenight – Come Join! 


Another reason I wanted to have plenty of thrifty and romantic ideas is because I really, really want people to take the $20 dollar date night challenge.

So please sign-up; it’s $100!

Remember to tag me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use the hastag #20dollardatenight. It makes it so much easier to find you. (By the way, you don’t have to follow me. (Though that’s nice!) )

And if you don’t that’s fine too – at least I’ll feel good that you’re set for a whole year with date ideas!Looking for a romantic night (or weekend) out? Here are some ideas and apps to help you two reconnect without breaking your budget!

My personal favorites are catching a game together, making some sidewalk art, picnic at the park, and for those nights you just want to stay at home – homebrewing.

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Last Minute Getaways

The other big post on Couple Money was about last minute getaways. They can be fun, but sometimes we give in to the impulse buy and spend more than we like so I highlighted the sites and the apps to help you stay on budget while you’re out of town. Some of my picks were:

  • Better Bidding – to see what successful bids are for certain hotels
  • Localeur – find local spots in 16 major cities
  • Hopper– make sure you’re getting a good deal on your plane tickets
Even though you might not think of it as a travel app per se, GasBuddy can tremendously helpful if you’re taking a road trip.
If you have any tips on travel or any cool ideas for dates, please let me know!

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