Special Episodes

Marriage and Money Q&A: Year End Reviews, Overcoming Setbacks, and Simplifying

Today we’re wrapping up the season with how to overcome setbacks and plan for your best year!  Financial Wins, Overcoming Setbacks, and Planning for Your Best Year How has this year been treating you? To be honest, things have been a real roller coaster.  We’ve made several trips this year to visit loved ones in […]

Money Q&A: Earn Extra Money, Figuring Out Your Retirement Number, Plus More!

 Today we’re answering your marriage and money questions – how to earn extra money on the side, figuring out your retirement number, and how to make the most of year-end bonus! Marriage and Money Mailbag: Extra Income, Your Retirement Number, and More It’s that time again – our community mailbag! It’s a chance for me to […]

How to Raise Your Credit Score and More Marriage and Money Questions

We open up the community mailbag again and answer your biggest marriage and money questions. Today we’re discussing how to build your credit and raise your score, winning your spouse over with finances, and how to do a money date!  Raise Your Credit Score, Money Dates, and More Today’s episode is kind of brought by….. […]

Breaking the Mindless Spending Twitch

Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your money? Learn how to find your financial blindspots and break the mindless spending twitch! How to Break the Mindless Spending Cycle We all do it. It might be small amounts every day perhaps driving by to grab coffee and breakfast on the way to work or going out for […]